Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ok Send-er-down-Hughie we've had sufficient!

183mm in October and 200mm in November, 10mm so far this month with more thunderstorms brewing as I write. "Rain from the east, three days at least." I heard on the radio the other day and this axiom has proved to be correct. I've never seen rain like this in all my born days. The ground is absolutely saturated and gutters are ruuning after the briefest shower. The local reservoir has gone from about 18% full in September to 41% in 2 months. Lake Eppalock has gone from empty to overflowing in a similar time frame.
I took a walk around the garden to count the mounting cost. The following plants are dying - rosemary, various salvias and some succulents. Looking stressed are a South African lobelia, more salvias, a foxglove, petunias, Penstemon barbarae, Teucrium betonicum, the spurge olive Cneorum tricoccon and the giant fennel Ferula communis. All have either dropped leaves or are drooping or turning yellow. And (mostly) all are fabulous drought tolerant plants that hate having wet feet. If it doesn't dry out soon I fear for these plants.

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