Saturday, November 27, 2010

More rain, more rain, more rain

We're up to about 100mm for November and its pouring as I write. The drains on either side of the street are torrents once again and the crossovers for the driveways have been washed/scoured out for the fifth time in the last two months. In fact they were reinstated this morning by the council and have been washed out again this evening! We have never seen rain like this - either here on anywhere else we have lived. Its extraordinary.
The dam is still overflowing, the frogs have gone hoarse with all their croaking and the shed has been flooded again. The vegetable garden paths are lap pools and the chook yard is full of little ponds. The roses that were looking so bountiful are now hanging their heads in sorrow. The towers of sweet peas have all but collapsed and the petals have been blasted off the poppies. But I refuse to be dismayed by all this rain. We've had a drought for over a decade! I told my kids it would take weeks if not months of rain to break the drought and the chooks have come home to roost!

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