Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Writing Topics

Its been a busy few days glued to the computer. I love the way the topics I write about vary so much - it certainly keeps me on my toes! In the last week I have written about the Cooktown orchid, spring blossoming trees, vertical gardens, what I'm doing in my garden, indoor plants and the landscape industry! While researching a topic, I invariably discover something I didn't know. Even topics I'm reasonably familiar with - there is always something new to be learnt. For instance many gardeners will know that the Cooktown orchid is a species of dendrobium: but did you know it might be changing to vappodes?! And did you know that some 'spring' blossom trees actually start blooming in autumn? And vertical gardens are becoming so popular that you can buy them in modular form now - you stick them together a little like lego blocks! But thats gardening for you, an ever evolving ever changing green world. Best job in the world.

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