Sunday, August 2, 2009

More on Indoor Plants

I spent some time surfing the net today to see if I could find out about the most suitable type of lighting indoor plants need. My study is poorly lit and if I'm going to have indoor plants in here I think they're going to need some sort of supplementary lighting. There is a bewildering array of lighting for indoor plants out there I can tell you. Many related to growing plants hydroponically - specific plants that we won't talk about here.....;-)
I now understand that fluorescent lights are better than incandescent lights as a rule of thumb which is good because we've switched over to CFLs throughout the house. I've also discovered that plants use light mainly at the blue and red ends of the light spectrum. Great what next? I want to use LEDs as I think they are the way of the future. So can I get by with a cute little auto interior festoon light (with 6 white LEDs) from Dick Smith that the BATH can fix up on a stake for me or do I have to buy a 225 LED panel in blue and red? Whoah! Getting a bit technical for me - I'm only talking about one lousy plant here! Looks like more research is needed. Stay tuned.

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