Sunday, October 30, 2011

Open Garden

Well another opening done and dusted. About 100 on Sat - the weather was glorious despite all forecasts and I even got a little sunburnt. Then it rained all day Sun - not heavy rain - more like a continual fine mizzle (mist/drizzle). It kept everyone away and only about 30 visited. As the day wore on we added more and more layers in an effort to keep warm. Even had to put up the gazebo to protect the gatesitters! Oh well you never can predict the weather so one good day isn't bad I expect. Its just that I still have a lot of plants to sell.....


  1. Shame about the weather, but what a magnificent thing for you to do (& experience) for charity, I salute you, I know it would have been absolutely huge in the lead up, all the stress etc... anyway well done!

  2. Yes a bit stressful but all over now thank goodness.