Wednesday, February 9, 2011

After the Floods

Some good advice here from our mates at Yates.
I am about to bring the tandem trailer to the driveway and start filling it with all the dead plants in my garden. It seems I've lost more plants in the past few months than I ever did over the 14 years of drought. Its probably not quite true but it sure feels like it. Oh well, at least it will leave me with quite a few holes to fill.....
On a different note, the soft-leaf buffalo lawn we laid in October looks sensational! Its so green and lush and with each downpour of rain it puts on heaps of growth. Its hard to mow though - its so spongy that you really need your muscles to push the lawnmower along. I have to eat my weetbix before mowing the lawn!


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  2. Thanks Peter! Twelve months later I can say I am still impressed with soft leaf buffalo. Have only just started to water it this summer and it only needs 30 mins water once a week!