Saturday, September 4, 2010

More rain!

Our dam is overflowing for the first time in years! That is really exciting. Its still pouring as I write and more heavy falls are predicted on this weekend of wild weather. Over the last 6 weeks we have had 164mm which is really amazing. I'd say the drought is well and truly on its way to being broken.
So far I have observed that Cotyledon macrantha (the large green leaved form) and some of the agaves and aloes are not coping with all this water very well. Large wet patches are appearing on their leaves and one clump of cotyledon has turned to mush; although some clumps are unaffected. It will be interesting to observe the effect all this water has on the rest of the garden as the weeks go by and spring arrives in earnest. I have always wondered what would happen to the drought tolerant plants if and when it actually rained! Probably not too much in my garden because most of the garden beds are raised and therefore well drained. Still.....

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