Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Spring = Weeds!

The spring rain a few weeks ago has encouraged the first decent crop of weeds I have seen in my garden for many years. I have been busily removing them, feeding them to the chooks and filling the compost bin. Other plants that are growing well are the Flanders poppies that are waist height and I will have plenty for my kids to take to school tomorrow. Everything has been looking so good, although the hot weather over the last few days and for the next few days (over 30ºC) will make sure everything gets browned off and the lawns will be stopped in their tracks. I think thats spring over for us and we're now into summer a good fortnight before the official start date. Many people are saying this does not bode well for the next season which is bound to be hot. It gets hotter in Melbourne in summer than in Sydney which many visitors don't realise. But its generally a dry heat.

While closing all the curtains this morning I was suddenly struck by a dilemma. How do I keep my indoor plants going through summer when we generally live in perpetual gloom inside the house? I'll have to give this some thought.

I am picking lettuce leaves, broccoli and immature garlic from the vegetable garden and the rainbow chard (coloured silver beet) has bolted to seed and is taller than me. The crimson flowered broad beans are finally setting some pods and I am looking forward to feasting on them soon. A friend was telling me of their 'broad bean feast' where they served broad bean custard among other concoctions! Stephanie Alexander apparently has a lot to answer for! I love broad beans but I have never gone as far as twice peeling them - seems far too fiddly. When they're really young and the beans are less than the size of your little finger nail, I eat them pod and all. With a bit of butter, salt and pepper. Yum!

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