Monday, August 17, 2009


A tumble in the garden today reminded me that we all probably take safety in the garden for granted - until something happens. Well something happened to me today. I was taking the compost bucket, the chook scraps bucket and the coffee grounds bucket down the back to empty them. With my mind on other things I went to step over a temporary fence erected to keep the chooks out of the nursery and fell flat on my face when my foot caught on the top of the fence. Whoops! And of course my knee landed on a sharp piece of stone hidden by a large recent deposit left by one of the chooks. Not just ouch but yuk too! The cut on my knee is now nicely covered with a neat cross of bandaids (I didn't think you really wanted to see a photo) and I've washed the chook poo off the trousers, hands and elbows.

Lesson One: Do something about that temporary fence!
Lesson Two: Tidy away other potential hazards like superseded compost heap components (my head nearly hit them)
Lesson Three: Don't carry more than you can safely manage! Leave a hand free to grab a post when you climb over a fence!

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