Friday, August 28, 2009

Indoor Plants (again!)

I was finally able to visit a wholesale plant nursery yesterday to buy some indoor plants. I took some of them down to my in-laws and they were thrilled with them. Hopefully they will improve the air quality inside their house. The rest of the plants I bought home and unloaded from my car (first photo). I think I went a bit overboard. Now I have to pot them all up into pots that have a water reservoir or well in the bottom. And I have to buy the pots first after having spent all my money on the plants! I have picked a range of different plants (second photo) including parlour palms, spathiphyllums, dracaenas, ferns and aspidistras. I felt I should stick to plants I knew would be fairly foolproof. I eyed off a Ficus lyrata, a devil's ivy, some fabulous (but expensive) bromeliads and some large palms but regretfully left them behind.
I am particularly taken with a dracaena called 'Janet Craig' (third photo). I gather it is popular with the indoor plant hire companies because it will take low light situations. This is good as my study is not brightly lit and that is exactly where it is going to go. I still think it will benefit from a growing light for some of the day so that is the next thing I will be hunting down. Meantime all the plants are sitting in the middle of my kitchen and the cats think they have an instant jungle in which to play!

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