Sunday, August 23, 2009


Its been a hectic few days of ballet exams, work, a hort media function and yesterday was my 30 year school reunion! So today was the first time to get out into the garden for ages it seems.
It must be spring as my Crassula 'Springtime' is in full bloom (first photo). It is in flower every year about this time without fail and among my collection of succulents in pots it really stands out. I have a few crassulas in my collection including both C. dubia 'Silver Spoon' and C. falcata which both have greyish leaves and do well in a pot.
I love C. lycopodioides (second photo) which struggled in a pot until I found it it didn't really like full sun so when I gave it some shade in the afternoon it really perked up. However this diminutive little plant really hit its straps when I planted it in the garden. Cuttings shoved in the ground in a part shade (but dry) situation have done really well and have formed an intriguing groundcover. I particularly like this plant because its species name refers to the genus Lycopodium the club mosses (possibly now called Huperzia). I once worked at a place where these were grown in hanging baskets in a nursery and their ferny foliage and ancient lineage (they go back further than the dinosaurs!) fascinated me. I can't possibly grow a Lycopodium here so this crassula is the next best thing.
I also grow a red crassula called (I think) 'Flame' (third photo complete with aphids). I spotted it at MIFGS one year and had to have it but my plant has never grown as well as it could. It flowers and then the entire plant reduces in size. It never seems to really get going. Perhaps I just haven't grown it in the right place yet. Perhaps I should try putting it in the ground......

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