Monday, July 13, 2009

Here we go!

I kept a diary (remember them? - pen and paper - lockable) for over 2 decades so I figure keeping a blog can't be much harder, can it?
I am a gardener. Before I was a wife or a mother I was a gardener. It defines pretty much everything about me - ask my family! Its what I do professionally, its what I do in my (limited) free time. Even after so many years I still love being a gardener, being in a garden, writing about gardens and gardening. How lucky am I?

A bit about my garden. We are on two-thirds of an acre with the former farm dam occupying about one third of the area. All rain from the roof of the house goes into the dam as well as overland flow (not that there is a lot of that these days) and we pump from this to water the thirstiest parts of the garden during summer. The land is flat and the soil is a silty sand (about 20cm) overlying a silty clay - basically yuk! The garden is one third exotic plants, one third Australian natives surrounding the kids play area and the remaining third around the dam consists of compost bins, pot growing area, chook run, a vegetable garden and an orchard. All in all quite enough to keep me occupied!

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  1. I love the the Salvias, but I really want that weeping Apricot it is gorgeous. Blog is well done Melanie but I expected no less from such a clever lady.
    Will catch up soon
    Chris Ryan (the famous one not the insignificant one but the important one, not the one who was pulled over by the police or the one living in obscurity, me. remember me) just kidding